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Mi Gente (My People in Spanish) is a visionary non-profit organization dedicated to improving mental health, empowering entrepreneurship, and cultivating a strong sense of community. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to transforming lives by addressing the critical intersections of mental health, socioeconomics, entrepreneurship, and community building. With a global reach spanning the United States, Colombia, and Spain, we believe in the power of connection, resilience, and shared purpose to create positive change. Through our foundation we have partnered with Voces Lideres (Voices of Leaders) a Colombian based non-profit organization in Armenia, Quindío. They focus on helping different communities particularly those from marginalized backgrounds by offering different programs and tools to help children in high-risk or vulnerable circumstances, incarcerated women, elders and animal shelters find a better quality of life.

And lastly, Mi Gente Group is the local project we created in the US as a space dedicated for people to meet, connect and support as a community in a real and genuine way. We offer meet ups and events in Atlanta, and we are looking to expand to Spain. In addition, we also offer group retreats to Latin America to support local non-profits and explore their culture and tourism. 

Feel free to browse around our page to learn more about each project.

What We Do

(Colombia and US)

  • Little Journalists (Colombia) is an initiative that we created to bring children together that are exposed to vulnerable environments in Colombia so that they can find support and a safe space to learn, grow and develop skills in history, visual arts, writing, and ESL (English as Second Language). We also host different events throughout the year like toy drives, family days, graduations, fundraisings, and more.
  • Literature is Freedom (Colombia) is a project dedicated to our incarcerated women in Armenia, Colombia where they can write stories and share their thoughts as a way of healing and finding their voice and an inclusive community even when their real freedom has been taken away. It is a beautiful way for others to learn and see them for who they really are... Mothers, sisters, wives, friends, dreamers and above all WOMEN. All books are for sale to fund this and other entrepreneurial projects inside the prison. 
  • House of Dreams (Colombia & US) Our goal is to build community spaces for our children, women, and elders to come together to create magic and make their dreams come true. This space will be utilized to host classes, meetings and events to provide opportunities for them to grow and also continue giving back. We hope to do the same in Atlanta!

Meetups, Events and Workshops (US)

  • Our meetups are spaces dedicated to enhancing mental well-being and foster genuine connections. In a world that often feels fast paced and superficial, we provide a safe space for individuals seeking authentic human connections. Here, we prioritize the importance of open conversations and supportive interactions, creating an atmosphere where people can experience different group activities while making a real and positive impact.
  • Our festivals and pop-up events are vibrant celebrations that go beyond mere gatherings—they serve as dynamic platforms dedicated to supporting local vendors and emerging entrepreneurs and artists. These curated events provide a unique space for artisans, creators, and small businesses to showcase their talents and products/services. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we aim to not only promote their businesses but also to cultivate a strong sense of community.
  • Our workshops offer valuable resources, knowledge, and mentorship to empower members of our community in translating their ideas and passions into a meaningful and fulfilling life. Our diverse range of topics includes wellness and mental health, communication, leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, marketing, networking, and much more!

Volunteer, Donate and Travel
(US & Colombia)

  1. There are multiple avenues for individuals to contribute to our mission. You can join us as a volunteer, lending your time and skills, maybe a mentor providing guidance, or an ambassador spreading awareness, we can find a role that aligns with your strengths and passions. Additionally, you can support our initiatives through donations, either as a one-time contribution or by becoming a monthly donor. Every act of generosity, big or small, plays a vital role in shaping the positive change we aspire to create. We believe that everyone possesses a unique gift, and even those who may doubt their capacity to contribute have something invaluable to offer. Together, as a collective force, we can make a difference and build a better world.
  2. Lastly, you can embark on a transformative journey with our retreats, where relaxation, adventure, and meaningful impact merge. This unique experience is designed to offer the group a well-rounded getaway that not only rejuvenates the spirit but also allows for purposeful engagement. Picture a retreat that seamlessly weaves moments of relaxation and fun with sightseeing and volunteering opportunities, creating a fulfilling experience. Amidst breathtaking landscapes and cultural exploration, participants will have the chance to contribute to local communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a volunteer or join your mission?

To become a volunteer, you can reach out to us through the contact form on our website or email us at info@migentefoundation.org. We are always looking for volunteers and partners to collaborate with.

How can I donate, and where does the money go?

You can donate here on our website under the "Get Involved" page or by using this link: ____________

Your donations and contributions play a vital role in the multifaceted impact we strive to create through our non-profit. A significant portion of your support directly fuels projects benefiting children, incarcerated women, elders, and animal shelters in Colombia. These initiatives include educational programs, entrepreneurship opportunities, rehabilitation efforts, community-building activities, and animal welfare initiatives. The remaining portion is allocated to cover essential operational expenses associated with our presence in the United States. This encompasses event coordination, necessary tools and resources, fundraising efforts, marketing campaigns, and the day-to-day expenses of running our non-profit and community group. Your generosity enables us to not only make a positive difference in the lives of those we directly serve but also to sustain the infrastructure necessary for ongoing outreach and impact. We are committed to financial transparency, and our mission thrives because of the support we receive from compassionate individuals like you. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey towards positive change.

Who can participate in the workshops, events, and retreats?

Most of our workshops, events, and retreats are for members only, but we offer some that are open to the public so that you can come and experience them before becoming a member. In addition, members receive special discounts, offers, and free tickets to events and workshops. 

Volunteering opportunities are always open to everyone and if you become a volunteer or donor, you can get special offers and discounts on workshops and events as well (terms and conditions apply).

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels. 

“Mi Gente Group is such a BEAUTIFUL project. Its co-founder, Vanessa is truly making a strong, positive and lasting impact on those around her. Although I only attended a few events, I made some beautiful memories I will keep with me. I am going to miss having the opportunity to attend these events now that I am moving out of state. It truly is a beautiful community led with a lot of love by an exceptional woman.”

— Laura Fonseca - Group Member| Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for making such a positive impact in our community. Grateful for your support, Mi Gente!”

— Cindy Ventura - Volunteer & Entrepreneur| Lawrenceville, GA

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For any inquiries or to get involved, please fill out the form below or reach out to us at info@migentefoundation.org


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