Reporteritos (Little Journalists - Colombia):

Acting as an after-school program, our goal is to improve the quality of life for children who face various challenges, such as economic disadvantage, exposure to violence, or lack of access to educational opportunities.
Journalism, education, ESL (English as a second language), and collaboration are the foundation of this program, and it creates a meaningful impact on the lives of these children.

They find a community where they can feel supported and seen, learn new skills, grow, and change their path to a better life.

Literature is Freedom (Colombia):

Our book series Voices of Freedom is written by incarcerated women in Armenia Quindío, Colombia.
In partnership with our local non-profit Voces Líderes who created this program as a way to teach a new skill (literature and writing) to our women and help reduce their sentence. They bring this project to life by writing and sharing raw but inspiring stories based on real situations, or fiction.

The books are available in the US at our pop-up festivals and by order. All sales help this and other entrepreneurial projects for our women and their families. 

House of Dreams (Colombia & US):

We have an ongoing goal to raise money to build two community spaces for our non-profit to call home (one in Colombia and one in the US):

This space will be divided into different areas:

-Classrooms to teach a great variety of skills to our Little Journalists, elder communities, and our post-penal program (once they are out of prison, our women can continue learning and creating businesses to achieve financial freedom for themselves and their families)

-Community spaces for events

-Offices to run our non-profit

-Temporary shelters