Meet Ups + Workshops:

These happen once a month.
A space for people to meet, connect and have conversations in a real and open environment. We combine an activity (workshop, salsa night, yoga, paint and sip, trivia and +) with topic of discussions, a different one every time.

They key to improve our mental health is having a strong support system. We are here for you!

Check our IG (@migentegroup) for more details and upcoming dates.

Pop-up Markets and Festivals:

Hosted quarterly.
We partner with different establishments and entrepreneurs ITP and OTP to create fun and unique events where local and emerging businesses come together to showcase and support as a community.

This is a great place for new business owners to practice sales and marketing techniques and to come out of their shell and build confidence. 


We choose destinations and local non-profits in Latin America. We create an itinerary where fun, connection, and purpose come together to create memorable and meaningful experiences for our group members while supporting the community projects and tourism of these countries.

More details to come in 2024.